„White noise”

White noise mp3 - 1 hour (144 MB)

White noise HD - high definition wave 44,1 kHz 24 bit - 5 minutes (80 MB)

You can download white noise files free - on the desktop right click and select download file or click below:

Download: White noise wave, White noise mp3

Do you need a white noise generator? Play and enjoy high quality white noise generator. Note: The player loops noise recordings of 1 hour or 5 minutes. Starting it plays over and over again - when finished, it automatically replays until you close the page or hit pause/stop.

What is white acoustic noise and what is it used for?

White noise is a uniform type of sound (acoustic noise) that contains all possible audible frequencies of a sound wave with a balanced spectrum. Types of acoustic noise (except white noise) are also: pink noise, red noise, gray noise - they have slightly different characteristics (they sound differently).